Report on S-498A of IPC in August 2012

Misuse of Section 498A IPC has been given by Law Commission in its report where it has said that Supreme Court and High Courts have judicially found such misuse.  In rural areas we need to spread awareness of the provisions and available remedies for both men and women is a must where law students, NGOs, media should play a vital part.  In every district there is a necessary to form panels to help the aggrieved women. Offence under Section 498a shall be compoundable and non-bailable but it should be observed with the conditions of Section 41 and 41A of Cr PC.  When an NRI’s comes under Section 498a their passports should not be mechanically seized but instead bonds and sureties for a huge amount of money can be taken.  Judiciary has to consider to dispose such cases which come under Section 498a by giving them special attention.

This is an excellent report which covers a lot of aspects regarding the 498A fiasco.

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Reforms in Guardianship and Custody Laws

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