Expectation: My Husband and in laws will fall at my feet after filing 498a case

Reality: They are smart enough and they would prefer fighting the case instead of bringing back a wicked person like you. They will never trust you or your family again.

Expectation: I will teach my husband a lesson. Girl Power!!

Reality: Husband will get bail and would love to see you going from his life having  hope within himself that one day he will get rid of you. Enjoy running from pillar to post trying to teach him a lesson for whatever reason you deem necessary.

Expectation: Husband and in-laws will be put behind bars as soon as I file an FIR against them.

Reality: After the Arnesh Kumar judgement of 2014, the Honorable SC has clearly outlined that this “legal terrorism” should not be encouraged and hence, police have to follow strict guidelines by serving notice of appearance to all accused and arrest only when really necessary. So, unless you got a pair of handcuffs yourself, your husband and in-laws are not going anywhere.

Expectation: Court will get me 1 lac per month maintenance, 10 lac litigation expenses and I will enjoy the rest of my life on his money.

Reality: Court has denied maintenance to wife in many cases where the wife is working or capable of earning. So instead of giving maintenance to you, husband will fight the case on merits and all you will end up with is pennies. Enjoy being a burden on your parents till they too kick you out.